Nature Photography


Welcome to my webpage and blog. My photographs are mostly of birds and bugs with the occasional landscape and portrait. I try to capture nature as I see it transversing through time in a series of interactions between light, movement shape, colour and texture.  Birds in flight are a particular interest.  I am intrigued by the mechanics of flight and the ability of the camera to record tiny moments individually allowing us to see things we normally couldn't.  Likewise within the macro world of insects and tiny plants, the camera takes us to a level of fascinating detail which ordinarily we miss.  I am endlessly inspired by the subtlety and beauty of nature and the magical, ever changing worlds of movement and scale.   I hope some of the awe I feel is portrayed in my photographs.  My recent galleries are updated once a month and I write a journal entry at least once a week.  You can also follow me on facebook where I post nearly every day.

"Ring the bells that still can ring, Forget your perfect offering,
There is a crack in everything, That's how the Light gets in."
-Leonard Cohen