And So The Wheel Turns………
A Year Has Passed - The Best of My Work - October 2015


The Story Behind the Images

It is now just over a year since I started bird photography with my new camera, the Nikon D800E and Nikon 80-400mm zoom lens.  It began unexpectedly during a  somewhat desperate attempt to stave off anxiety and sadness as my husband underwent chemotherapy after major surgery to treat advanced Oesophageal cancer. It was a very difficult and lonely time for both of us.  I remember the day very clearly. Things were grim.  I was at work and it had been raining.  The sky was dark and overcast.  In a cloud of heavy emotion, I had left my office and was driving home.  On a whim I stopped at North Lake, parked the car and got out.  My new camera was in the boot where it had sat completely unused since I purchased it six months before.   Life had been overwhelmed by complex, difficult issues and photography totally forgotten.   Something made me open the boot, get it out,  turn it on and walk toward the shoreline.  As I did, my eye caught a large bird flying toward me.  I pointed the camera and started clicking.  

The beautiful Yellow Billed Spoonbill which started my obsession with bird photography.  This is my very first flight image captured unexpectedly at North Lake on the 19th of August 2014.

The beautiful Yellow Billed Spoonbill which started my obsession with bird photography.  This is my very first flight image captured unexpectedly at North Lake on the 19th of August 2014.

There had been no time to check the camera settings and adjust, yet, somehow, I jagged it.  For reasons unknown, the shutter speed was set to 1/2500 and the images captured the bird in flight. They were focused and reasonably sharp.  When I looked at the screen, I saw a stunning creature I had never seen before.  It was weird and very beautiful.  Intrigued, I headed back to my office,  loaded the images onto my  computer and googled to find it was a Yellow Billed Spoonbill.  I was mesmerised, and my mind  became busy making plans to go back to the lake in the hope I would see him again.  I thought about it all the way home and into the night.  At some point I realised  the  anxiety had largely dissipated, and, for the first time in ages, I was looking forward to the next day.    A path out of the emotional turmoil had opened unexpectedly in front of me and I grabbed it.   

"Ring the bells that still can ring, Forget your perfect offering,
There is a crack in everything, That's how the Light gets in."
-Leonard Cohen

I began getting up very early and going by myself to visit swamps and lakes before work.  In my raw state, the stillness and beauty of these places along with the magnificent creatures that abided within their dark reaches was intense and piercing.  It is something I experienced alone, and it had a profound and haunting effect, reconnecting me to something deep and real within the rhythm of life.  A window in my mind had magically opened.   Words will never explain the depth of my gratitude to that Spoonbill or the enduring strength that grew from those first expeditions.  Photographing what I saw each morning became a way of expressing all that I couldn't and, thankfully, I now realise words are largely unnecessary, because the growth and insight from those experiences is embedded deeply within my images, which together, form a record of my path and can speak for themselves.  

One of my best swamp dwelling friends, A stunning Little Egret  at Alfred Cove.  I love the contrast between the pure white bird and the dark murky swamp.

One of my best swamp dwelling friends, A stunning Little Egret  at Alfred Cove.  I love the contrast between the pure white bird and the dark murky swamp.

The 24th of June, was the anniversary of Terry's Esophagectomy and the 19th of August  was the anniversary of the Spoonbill photograph.  Terry finished his post operative chemotherapy in December last year.  A lot has changed since that time, and the dust is now settling.  Despite several expert predictions to the contrary, Terry has made an incredible recovery and is almost back to normal.  The cancer has not returned, the latest scans were clear and we are both in a far better place,  physically, emotionally and spiritually than we were a year ago.  It seemed an appropriate time to look back through my year of photographic work, and, as a visual reflection I have chosen my best images from the tens of thousands now amassed on my hard drive.   Together, these  images form my very first collection of prints offered for sale.  

Purchase High Quality, Fine Art, Hand-Signed Prints

Selected from all of the images I have taken over the last year, these are my very very favourites.  Each one is a visual record of a unique and  precious moment in my life. Stillness, insight, beauty, impermanence, movement, connection, subtlety, colour, contrast, unpredictability and change.  The most important things in the world to me.  The only things I have found to hold true regardless, captured magically by the camera to form an intense reminder that beauty abides everywhere within our deeply fractured world, and actually, anything is possible.  


Product Details and Specifications

Giclée Printing by Fitzgerald Photo Imaging

To ensure that the finished prints are of the highest quality possible I have consulted extensively with Braith and Christina from Fitzgerald Photo Imaging in North Perth to determine the optimum sizing and format for my images.  The team at Fitzgerald's have extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of professional imaging and fine art photographic reproduction.  Their very generous advice and experience have proved invaluable to me during the process of preparing my images for sale.   Every image purchased will be individual printed, reviewed and trimmed by Fitzgerald's Photo Imaging and is subject to their rigorous professional standards.   Every print is created using the Giclée print method which delivers a fine stream of archive rated pigment ink on to fine art paper or canvas, resulting in vivid pure colour and an exquisite level of detail.  It is regarded as one of the most stable and advanced colour printing processes available today.  

Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper 

I have decided to use only the very best paper on which to print my images. Hahnemühle is the oldest German paper making company in the world, founded back in 1584 and renowned today, by artists, photographers and printers around the world as the producer of extremely beautiful fine art papers. I am offering a choice of  three different papers, all of which are, acid free, archival quality, museum grade, extremely high quality print mediums.  The first is Hahnemühle Smooth Photo Rag 308gsm, a beautiful heavyweight, 100% cotton, fine art paper with a velvety smooth matte surface that has proven to be an excellent choice for photographic reproductions offering impressive pictorial depth and vibrant colour.  The second paper choice is Hahnemühle German Etching 310gsm, a heavyweight, 100% cotton, fine art paper distinguished by an evenly textured matte surface structure which adds atmosphere and a wonderful artistic touch to photographic images.  The final and most traditional choice is  Hahnemühle Photo Silk Baryta 310gsm.  This beautiful print medium has a  white, silky satin finish which gives the impression of a traditional silver halide photographic paper. The unique barium sulphate coating ensures an extraordinary image reproduction with a very large colour space, creamy shades of white and velvety deep black. High colour density and brilliance guarantee impressive sharpness and detail to create high resolution, vivid images of  sensational quality. The 100% alpha cellulose paper is acid-free and meets the criteria for durability according to ISO 9706.  

Ilford Canvas

My images can also be printed on canvas.    I have chosen Ilford Galerie Prestige Smooth, Fine Art, 375gsm Canvas, a premium, museum grade, heavyweight, cotton polyester blend canvas that is robust, stretchable, highly resistant to cracking and incorporates an advanced inkjet receiving layer that provides excellent image sharpness and optimal colour graduation. Once printed the canvas is finished with three coats of satin UV archival spray to preserve the image from scuffing and airborne pollutants and is then ready to be stretched and mounted.  Canvas adds a rich and vibrant artistic quality to photographic reproductions.   This combined with minimalist framing and mounting techniques, produces dramatic, yet elegant pieces that suit any room.  The cost of having images printed on canvas is higher than printing on Fine Art papers and consequently, canvas prints cost a little more than their fine art paper counterparts.  All canvas prints are created with a two inch, mirror edge border which wraps around the frame, and is visible on the edges once the image is mounted.  A mirror edge creates a wonderful three dimensional effect and gives a strong sense of continuity to the final product.   My canvas prints are sold unmounted, as rolled canvases and can be easily stretched and mounted by a good picture framer.  

The manufacturer specifications and technical fact sheets for the Hahnemühle Papers and Ilford Canvas I have chosen are available by clicking  the following link;

Edition Sizes and Certificate of Authenticity with Holographic Security

I have decided to sell my first collection of images as unlimited editions.  These images are all very special to me, and I believe their value as a precious link back to the natural world should speak for itself without artificial constraint.  To limit the number sold, somehow seems to go against my philosophy and the grain of what I am trying to achieve with my photography, hence the decision to sell them as unlimited or open editions.  Every print purchased will be numbered and hand-signed by me personally in pencil or archival ink pen along the bottom left border.  Additionally, each print is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity which includes a thumbnail image of the print and details the print number, the date the image was captured, camera settings, paper specifications and the detailed story behind the image. The Certificate of Authenticity is printed on Hahnemühle tamper proof, watermarked paper and contains a unique numerically serialised hologram which is identical to a second holographic sticker affixed to the reverse side of the print. 

Sizing and Custom Options

Depending on the number of pixels and consequential resolution, most of my images are offered at a large and small size.  To maintain quality, there are some offered at the smaller size only.  Images printed on fine art paper have a 3cm white border to allow room for my signature and various framing options.  Images printed on canvas have a 2 inch (5.08cm) mirror edge border to allow enough excess for stretching and mounting.  Images in my collection are cropped with a variety of aspect ratios.  Large and small print sizes for each aspect ratio are listed below;

Aspect Ratio 1.5 (4:6)                            Large 16 x 24" or 40.64 x 60.96cm          Small 12 x 18" or 30.48 x 45.72cm
Aspect Ratio 1.25 (8:10)                        Large 16 x 20" or 40.64 x 50.8cm            Small 12 x 15" or 30.48 x 38.1cm
Aspect Ratio 1 (Square)                        Large 20 x 20" or 50.8 x 50.8cm             Small 16 x 16" or 40.64 x 40.64cm
Aspect Ratio 2 (Panoramic)                 Large 12 x 24" or 30.48 x 60.96cm           Small 9 x 18" or 22.86 x 45.72cm      
Aspect Ratio 2 (Panoramic)                 Large 8 x 24" or 20.32 x 60.96cm            Small 6 x 18" or 15.24 x 45.72cm                                                                                                     

The specific size options that apply to each image appear in a drop down box within the product and must be selected before the item can be added to your shopping cart. Please note that the above measurements DO NOT include the border.  Many of the above sizes are standard sizes, commonly used by photographers, printers and framers and have been deliberately chosen to reduce the cost of printing and framing and allow customers to use ready made frames and matt boards available from retailers.  If the sizes offered for a particular image do not suit your needs, custom sizes are generally possible, although may cost a little extra due to additional custom printing expense.  If you would like a custom size or border width or want to purchase an image of mine that is not in the shop, please contact me directly on my email address at for availability and pricing. 

Discounts on the Purchase of Two or More Images

I have organised my collection of limited edition prints to display in a series of sets.  The sets consist of similar images, either those taken sequentially to each other or images with complimentary subjects, colouring or composition.  In doing this I have in mind the final result, imagining a room or wall in someone's house or office with several images complimenting each other.  To encourage customers to purchase more than one image there are a series of discounts.  The discounts are calculated at the checkout by entering the following coupon codes; 

Purchase Two Images - 10%  Discount - Enter coupon Code 'Two'              
Purchase Three Images  - 15%  Discount - Enter coupon Code 'Three'
Purchase Four of More Images - 20%  Discount - Enter coupon Code 'Four'


My images are sold as unframed, unmounted prints, however,  I do offer a very limited selection of simple yet elegant framing options for customers that live in Perth, Western Australia and can collect their prints from Fitzgerald Photo Imaging in North Perth or my office in Myaree.  Prints can be mounted on either Black or White matt board and framed with a Black, White or Jarrah coloured frame and protected behind standard or non reflective glass.  Canvas prints can also be stretched and mounted with either a simple mirror wrap finish or profile frame surround available in Black, White or Jarrah.   To purchase framing or canvas stretching and mounting click on the Framing and Mounting Button and select the appropriate option.  Please carefully check that the size of the frame or mounting option matches the size of your print.  As you are personally collecting your prints, shipping costs do not apply to your order.  To remove the automatically calculated shipping costs use the coupon code 'Collect' at the checkout.   For a much wider range of options and excellent framing advice visit Fitzgerald Photo Imaging in North Perth.  They have a display room where you can view all of their framing products and extremely knowledgeable staff to help you choose. 



Purchase 2016 Calendars

Every year, Soraya and I go through the hard drives and choose some of our favourite images to incorporate into a calendar which is printed and given to our family and friends for Xmas.  Our calendars are spiral bound and printed on heavy card.  Each month has it's own page and is accompanied by a beautiful image and inspirational quote. The calendars are A4 size when folded and A3 when opened out.  They make great  gifts especially for loved ones interstate or overseas.  This year we have gone all out and made a colour calendar and a black and white calendar both of which can be purchased by clicking on the button below.


Shipping Details & Return Policies

Processing Time, Postage and Packing

Please allow a six week period for your prints to be printed, processed and posted. Should you require your prints more urgently please contact me directly via email at to discuss. Prints and canvases are rolled and shipped domestically and internationally in secure post pack tubes by Australia Post with tracking numbers. Calendar orders are processed at the end of each week and shipped domestically and internationally in secure tough express post envelopes with tracking via Australia Post.

Returns and Refunds

My aim is to provide my customers with a high quality beautiful end product that can be enjoyed for many years.  To this end it is extremely important to me that my customers are very happy and satisfied with their purchase.  If this is not the case I ask that you contact me within seven days of receiving your order so I can rectify the problem or process a return.  In the case of returns, I will issue a full refund minus the original shipping cost once I receive the items back in their original undamaged condition.  You will be responsible for payment of return shipping costs and packing the items securely to ensure their safe arrival.  Every precaution is taken to ensure your order is packed securely and arrives promptly in perfect condition.  If your order arrives in a damaged condition, I ask that you contact me within seven days of receiving it and retain the original packaging so it can be inspected by the shipper if necessary.  I also ask that you provide me with photographs of the damage so I can assess the problem and provide an appropriate solution.  If necessary, I will ask you to return the items and provide a full refund or replacements items.  Running an on line shop is a new experience for me and has been a steep learning curve.  There may be some unforeseen teething problems.  If you find a problem with your purchases or the buying process  I ask that you contact me personally so I can understand and rectify it if at all possible.

Thank You for Visiting my Shop

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and shop.  This is a new venture for me and something I hope will grow over time.   I have found immense enjoyment in photography over the past year. It has taught me an enormous amount and become a way to express the intangible and communicate the infinite value and beauty I see within the natural world.  This shop is the culmination of a year's work, taking photos, processing raw images, choosing sizes, aspect ratios and printing mediums and finally, packaging the chosen images into an e-commerce format on my website.  It has been very rewarding to see it come together and, I am very happy to now have my favourite images available to anyone who wants to purchase them.  Thank you to everyone who has viewed my work over the past year and and to all of those who have helped me out with technical issues and sent me feedback, comments, suggestions and encouragement. I am very grateful!  

My final note of appreciation goes to all of the diverse and beautiful creatures that have crossed my path through life.  Wise teachers that speak without words and by their very existence are a vivid source of inspiration and motivation.  My deepest respect and gratitude, thankyou!!